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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why is Fretzie Bercede charming?

Fretzie Bercede, the PBB housemate who stole most if not all PBB teen clash fan's heart. She has gathered legions of fans and apparently is the most popular housemate in the house as of now.

So Why does everybody loves this sweet and charming angel? Here are my very own personal opinions fromt he way i see it and I hope each one of us can learn from it.

Yes, it's the fact that she is CHARMING. Actually it's not only because she is pretty or cute, there is more to it than that. We are attracted to her because there is something about her, and that is, she is REAL. A real confident girl who doesn't have to prove anything. You can see from the way she behaves (her body language), that she has strong real inner confidence and it reflects outside or eternally which the public perceives as charming. She can show to the whole world who she really is, she is always relax and in control and that's one of the reason why she looks adorable.

She doesn't compare herself to others or the with girl housemates. She accepts that people have different personalities and together with her real confidence she doesn't bother to compete, get irritated, or get jealous with other people. In other words she has less insecurities or better yet no insecurities at all because she believe in herself and is not affected by external differences and negativity.

Yes she is a really nice and confident girl which is a rare combination.

Try it for yourself. You just have to believe, and the moment you do, tell yourself you are worth it. You deserve it because now you are real (no fakeness and insecurities) just like Fretzie. You deserve to be called charming.

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