WELCOME TO FRETZIE BERCEDE "THE CHARMING ANGEL OF CEBU" FANSITE/SITE/WEBSITE! Charmingangelfretziebercede.blogspot.com has finally arrived. The fansite features all the latest news and updates of ABS-CBN's Fretzie Bercede, including pictures, photos, wallpapers, blogs, videos, and more. She is the 3rd place winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010. She is now a member of ABS-CBN Shoutout tv show. Check out this fansite/blogsite/site regularly for updates.


New Fretzie wallpaper available. Download here


Fretzie Bercede Loveteams

VANZIE - IVAN AND FRETZIE. This is the most popular loveteam, it has almost a hundred thousand followers.

BRETZIE - BRET AND FRETZIE. Bret is hopless romantically in love with Fretzie. Bret has a lot of fans, and they want Fretzie to notice him.

PATZIE - PATRICK AND FRETZIE. Patrick is all around Fretzie like a bodyguard, not sure if they are already romantically close or Patrick is still pressing his luck.